Tacology - Brickell, Miami

Tacology - Brickell, Miami

I'm back at Brickell City Center to try out one of the new restaurants here. The outdoor seating at Tacology looked inviting so decided to give it a shot, plus I love Tacos! 

Tacology is located on the 4th floor of Brickell City Center, close to Saks.

The restaurant is quite large and always busy.  Inside there are separate open concept workstations for viewing. There are separate areas for the main kitchen, an alcohol bar, a juice bar, and a dessert station.      

The outdoor patio is a great space for dinning and chilling. The chairs are very comfortable, plenty of natural sunlight during the day, and a great view of the shopping center.

No more looking for a waiter to order what you want.  You simply order what you want on this electronic pad. There are clear pictures of every item to help you decide what to order. You can even customize your order on the pad. Don't worry if you're bad with technology, the pads are easy to use and if you still have trouble you can still order from your waiter. 

I had to order the Guacamole and Chips. This is mandatory at every taco spot in my opinion. I was impressed, the Guac was fresh, and the chips were thin and light just how I like.  I liked them so much I actually ordered them twice.  We also ordered the Elote Preparado, or grilled corn, but I ordered mine without the mayo. Which was also very tasty.  

Next I had the Kale Salad with Quinoa, which was whatever and I will probably not order again.  The dressing was very bland and couldn't taste any flavor.

We ordered El Volcan, Ribeye Taco and Chicken Pastor Taco.  Each order comes with two tacos and you have a choice of meat, between pork, ribeye, skirtsteak, and chicken.  They have many other tacos, with a variety of meats and toppings. They even have a veggie and vegan option. But my favorite was the Chicken Pastor, which is roasted chicken marinated in chile guajillo, with white onion, cilantro, and pineapple.  

Lastly we have my favorite dish of the meal, dessert! This Flan was amazing. It was precut into fluffy bite size pieces with sweet caramel and was the perfect ending to the meal.


Food: ★★★★☆  |  Atmosphere: ★★★★★ |  Price: $$  | 

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K-Beauty - A.H.C